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About Me

I am Daniel Jones a freelance programmer and web developer /designer based in Norton Canes, Cannock, Staffordshire. Some of my more advanced projects involve cryptography, APIs, and fully editable responsive websites.

I have a strong thirst for knowledge that leads me to use the latest technology in my work and strive for constant improvement. Because of my position as a freelancer who focuses on output rather than working hours, I can use better techniques that larger business are being slow to adopt such as the CSS grid.

My main technology stack that I use is HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript PHP and Python. All I have put in my tool belt for cross platform development; however I am not limited to them.

Daniel Jones

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Small Websites

I can make simple websites for small business. These websites are used for 4 main purposes:

  • Displaying Information – This can be general information about you business including your services, menus, opening times and special events.
  • A Point of Contact – A website can allow a user to send you and email or get your phone number, allowing users to contact you more easily.
  • A Keystone for Your Digital Marketing – Having a website can allow you to connect your social media presences together and give more weight behind you PPC advertising campaigns on places such as google search. A website will allow you to use traditional advertising techniques such as eye-catching images to help you stand out from you competition.
  • Improve Public Perception – A good website can make a positive first impression and help you business stand out on the internet. It can also give a space to give more information about you business that doesn't just appear on some index sites like google my business.

I have created my Merlin service that allows small business owners to change the text on their website in a matter of minutes without sacrificing the look and feel of the site that can be added before or after a website is live on the internet.

Website Design

In order to make a website I need to make a design first. This starts after the initial quote during either a face to face meeting where I can do a quick sketch or over the phone and email some designs over. During the discussion I can give you the final quote of the website along with the layout of the website and any requirements such as brand colours or logos. Later on I will show you some early pages on the website so we can make any changes early and give you a design that you like and that works for the visitors of the website. If you already have a design I can make the website completely from the design you provide but will make suggestions where I think the user experience can be improved.


Bespoke Software

I can also make more advanced applications involving data processing and databases. Do you need a system that will allow customers to book tables? Do you have a nice problem that you just simply can't fix with an off the shelf solution? Get in contact with me and tell your problem and we can talk about how we can fix it.


A-Z Of Running A Website

Part of my service is helping with all the day to day of running a website this includes but is not limited to:

  • Domain Name Registration – Getting the name at the top of your browser eg. djones.tech
  • Web Hosting – Giving you website a home to live on the internet, this also includes any maintenance that it may need.
  • SSL certificates – Simply put SSL certificates act like a driving licence or passports, they are documents provided by a mutually trusted third party. SSL certificates allow your website to be encrypted and avoid having the unsecure website at the top of modern browsers that may deter visitors. SSL certificates are required for anything involving monetary transactions.
  • Image Optimisation – Images can be quite large files, the larger the file the more time it takes the page to load. I optimise images for the web so they still have the standard web quality but load at 2x+ the speed.

    For websites where image quality is important we can discuss more advanced techniques such as lazy loading images.

For Individuals and Events

For Individuals I can make a personal website that allows the owner to edit their site, I can also add blog functionality. A personal website can take on a variety of uses such as a professional portfolio, a point of contact, a blog, a bridge between social media or just for personal expression and entertainment.