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This website serves as both a portfolio and an advertisement for my services. Later down the line I may even add a blog or a newsfeed. Looking at all the websites of other developers most have a white background and some images on top of them. For this website I decided to make a unique website that takes inspiration from my time working with the Linux OS and how some people have customised it. The largest inspiration was taken by some on the rices of tiling window managers such as i3wm made by community's such as r/unixporn and online image-boards. The website also features a CRT effect made form pure CSS based off Alec Lownes's CRT effect but massively toned down a bit for a more subtle effect.

The structure of this website originally leaned heavily on panels that drop-down to bring the information to the user, the idea was to give a more interactive experience. However I have decided to limit that functionality due to technical limitations with mobile phones and the extra time it adds to navigate the website.

One of my experiments with P5.js based off Daniel Shiffman’s 3D landscape in Processing. My modified version results in an infinite 3D plane with hills and valleys along with a central road that cuts through the middle. The sketch also changes colour depending if the users mouse overs one of the buttons on the main card. To save performance I have made the landscape less detailed that it otherwise could be and disabled on smaller screens entirely.

The website also has a fake boot sequence that I programmed to show the 3d landscape as well as complementing the retro theme of the rest of the website.


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